Mural Festival 2017

22 artists to discover at MURAL Festival 2017

This diverse and exciting program will be brought to you for the 5th edition of the public art festival MURAL. Here are the muralists who will color Montreal and impress you throughout the festivities:

Ron EnglishUSA

Ron English art


INSA art

1010 | Deutschland

1010 art

Mad C | Deutschland

MadC art

Ricardo Cavolo | Spain

Ricardo Cavolo art

Fintan MageeAustralia

Fintan magee art

Ruben Sanchez | Spain

Ruben Sanchez art

Nuria Mora | Spain

Nuria Mora art

Smithe One | Mexico

Smitheone art

Onur | Switzerland

Onur art

Fluke et Dodo de A’shopCanada and France

Fluke art

Ola VoloCanada

Ola Volo art



Scribe csxCanada

Scribecsx art 

Kevin LedoCanada

Kevin Ledo art


Monosourcil art

Mort | Canada

Mort art 

Aydin Matlabi | Canada

Aydin Matlabi art

Miss MeCanada

Miss me art

Aaron Li-HillCanada

Aaron Li-Hill art

Jason Wasserman | Canada

Jason Wasserma art

Joe Iurato | USA

Joe Iurato art

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