Mural Festival 2017

MURAL visit with Spade & Palacio

Live the MURAL experience until October with Spade & Palacio’s visits every Saturday and Sunday.

In this perspective, MURAL chose to join forces with Spade & Palacio for you to discover X-Ray, 1010, Dodo Ose, D-Face, Ricardo Cavolo and all the other artists from the MURAL Festival since 2013. Because even though the festivities have ended, the works remain for our greatest pleasure.

If the boulevard Saint-Laurent use to be a dividing place between East and West, nowadays it is an space of cosmopolitan exchanges with local as well as international restaurants, markets and artists. It is in this particular busy street that the MURAL Festival celebrates street art by presenting murals from every nationality. Going from the Station 16 Gallery (3523 Boul. Saint-Laurent), Visit all the works that have emerged from the 5 editions of the MURAL Festival in a small group with a local and professional guide during 2 hours.

These tours will allow you to discover one of North-America’s heart of street art. You will have exclusive access to an open air museum full of monumental works from local and international artists. Take a bottle of water you can fill up, an umbrella if needed and something to capture the best angles of the works you’ll see.



By collaborating with the MURAL Festival, Spade & Palacio put their expertise and authenticity towards public art. Born from the love and passion of two Montrealers, Anne-Marie and Danny chose to collaborate to bring visitors in the most unknown and novel corners of Quebec’s capital by creating their own company.

Being great travelers and thirsty for discovery, these two former guides finally whose Montreal amongst all the other cities. Whether it’s the Jean Talon market for Anne-Marie or Mont Royal for Danny, their hometown’s charm brought them to share their experiences with travelers. Bicycle lovers, architecture enthusiasts and always on the lookout for good places to eat, the two founders will make you fall in love with Montreal as they did more than 15 years ago.

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Price: 20$ (+ charges and taxes) per visitor

Mural Festival 2017

MURAL Festival 2017

Kevin Ledo – Canada

4000 Rue Saint Dominique


Ruben Sanchez – Espagne

3440 Avenue du Parc

Onur – Suisse

1018 Rue Saint Urbain

Miss Me & Aydin Matlabi – Canada

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Fintan Magee – Australia

200 Avenue des Pins Est


Dodo Ose – Canada

3591 Rue Clark


Mad C – Allemagne

262 Avenue des Pins Est


1010 – Allemagne

2175 Rue Victoria

Ricardo Cavolo – Espagne

3547 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


INSA – United Kingdom

3527 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Ron English – United Kingdom

3522 Rue Saint-Dominique

Hoarkoar – Canada

1071 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Jason Wasserman – Canada

4021 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


SbuOne – Canada

3991 Rue Clark


Scribe – Canada

3828 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Ola Volo – Canada

258 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest


Nuria Mora – Espagne

4321 Rue Clark


Mort – Canada

365 Avenue des Pins Est


Monosourcil – Canada

14 Rue Prince Arthur Ouest


Fluke – Canada

3953 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Aaron Li-Hill – United States

3884 Boulevard Saint-Laurent