The Mural Festival team, as usual, invited ten Canadian and local artists to participate to the creative event this year. Amongst them, Dodo and Fluke. Lire la suite
Kevin Ledo – Canada 4000 Rue Saint Dominique   Ruben Sanchez – Espagne 3440 Avenue du Parc Onur – Suisse 1018 Rue Saint Urbain Miss Lire la suite
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Even though originally from Poland, 1010 is considered as a German artist as he’s been leaving in Hamburg since the age of eight. The name Lire la suite
Felipe Pantone @ Mural Festival 2016
This year, Mural Festival will welcome a trio of Spanish artists : Nuria Mora, Ricardo Cavalo and Ruben Sanchez. It isn’t the first time that Mural Lire la suite